Community Builders Challenge

Community Builders Challenge Launch Video

Client: Comic Relief US + Red Nose Day + The LEGO Group

Project: Served as Creative Director for the creation and development of a new partnership initiative between Red Nose Day and The LEGO group. The Community Builders Challenge is a new program having children engage and learn the important skills of empathy and kindness through play as they collaborate to build their dream community.    

Role: Concept Development • Campaign & Program Management • Marketing Strategy •  Creative & Art Direction • Film & Video Production • Design Direction • UX/UI • Photography

Additional Credits:

Art Director: Olivia Escobedo

Copy & Campaign Writing: Althea Perley

Graphic & Motion Design: Christy Castillo

Video Editor: Christian O'Toole

Social Media: Mariana Gutierrez

Video Production: Lens End Media

Project Manager & Marketing Lead: Anna Lai

Community Builders Challenge - Teacher & Classroom Instructional Video

Pre-production script storyboard. 

Post-production edit storyboard. 

Community Builders Challenge teacher curriculum and classroom activity sheets.

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