Narcy returns with his lead single off World War Free Now!, a conceptual album about a world rid of violence, and the endless cycle of power on Earth. FREE is a celebration of diversity in the midst of public dialogue about immigrants, Muslims and people of color being a threat to world order. Narcy takes no shorts pointing out the beauty and the contradictory life of a North American immigrant, a naturalized citizen and an international voice.

"We Are the Feared / We Are the Near / We're the Reflection in the Mirror/ We Are the People / We Are the Equal / We Are the Past and We Are the Sequel / We Are the Never / We're the forever"

Photographer and film-maker Ridwan Adhami and Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman team up for a second time, after the success of their crowd-sourced video “Hamdulillah.” FREE celebrates the forgotten, the people who the world labels as a threat without seeing their faces. Ridwan traveled with Islamic Relief USA as creative director for the last five years, documenting orphans, refugees and people displaced by war and natural disaster. This video is a sequel to their widely recognized collaboration, and a testament to the power of their collective “We Are the Medium.” Free is a timely call for disarmament and equality, in response to the public conversation around banning people from traveling freely to North America.

“Instead of making this video about us, the immigrant youth, we wanted to shed light on those that deserve the same chance we have,” Yassin said. “In a time where we are bombarded with information and numbers, I wanted to find a way to use my public space for others. Ridwan's project Scars and Smiles inspired this video and was a natural progression from our last collaboration."


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Written & Performed by Narcy

Music Produced by Sandhill

Video Directed, Photographed & Edited by Ridwan Adhami

Additional Performance Photography by Walid Kafi

Copyright © All rights reserved.
Ridwan Adhami 2020
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