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RidzDesign366 - Photo A Day - Deluxe

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Photographer Ridwan Adhami invites you to journey with him as he takes a photo a day for an entire year, 366 days. 

What started out as an internet art project turned into a learning tool not just for photographers but students of humanity. Read along as the exercise evolves from a challenge to a burden, and ultimately to an inspiration to travel through life with eyes wide open, and mind and heart open just as wide. 

The idea was simple... take a photo every day and post it online... What it grew into was more personal and wide reaching then anyone ever thought, especially the artist taking the photos and documenting the stories. Stories and images so personal and close to heart, this became more then just photos but a journey into the mind and soul of an artist. A daily document of the flawed masterpiece that is life. 

The final product became a high quality full color 12" x 9" coffee table style photo art book that includes all the photos taken during the project, out-takes, camera specifications, tutorials, lighting setups and much more.

Book Specifications: • Hard cover. • LARGE 12x9 inch pages to fully appreciate the images in all their glory. • Over 380+ pages of images and information. • Case bound. • Full color dust jacket. • High quality full color print.



• Special autographed first edition copy of the art book. 

• Limited Edition 366 Poster all photos, one snazzy print. 

 • 5 limited edition RidzDesign art print postcard set. 

 • A special high five if you ever meet Ridwan.

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